A Beginner’s Guide to Photography : Digital Photography 1 & Digital Photography 2 (kod kursus PHT102) for UA3 students

Good Day lah y’all.

As follows is the modules for Digital Photography 1 & Digital Photography 2 (kod kursus PHT102) for UA3 students. For the 2 photography courses you will learn:

Digital Photography 1:

  1. History of Photography & Camera types
  2. Camera controls – Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO
  3. Exposure basic: How to get correct exposure
  4. Composition basic: How to get ‘interesting’ photos

Digital Photography 2:

  1. Camera controls – A Refresher Course
  2. Advance Composition Techniques
  3. Smart Phone Photography Techniques
  4. Smart Phone Photography Editing Apps


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I’ve been tasked to teach Photography at Institut Gerontologi at UPM Serdang again. This is a continuation of the Basic Photography class that I taught earlier this year in March lah.

Okay-lah since today is Monday, 19th September 2016 I can’t quite remembers the details but the good thing is that everything is online these days ( Good if you’re a certain evil genius that resides in a computer and works for Hydra, they can data mine your personal hi… oh, that applies to the Gomen™ too… ) so I quick trip to my Instagram account got me these entry lah…


“Monday, 28th March 2016, pm.

Students from my #BasicPhotography#Composition & #Portrait course at#UA3#Universityof3rdAge#IG #InstitutGerontologi#UniversitiPutraMalaysia. The course will run for 5 weeks with a mixture of theory and practicals modules.

Photo from #Nikon #NikonD750 and transfered thru #wifi to the #Samsung#Note2 and cropped via #Snapseed ajer ”

Habis Caption.

#Ahaks dontch mind the #hashtag, it’s a ‘marketing’ thing.

Anyway, ever since my old blog kena hack ( tu lah, sapa suruh pakai ‘free’ wordpress template yang developer tu tak gheti-gheti nak update security features nya tu kan? ) I was stumped about what to write oso lah. Malas nak re-write everything from scratch. Until 2 weeks ago when I started teaching for Association for Lifelong Learning of Older Persons U3A ( University of 3rd Age ) at Institut Gerontologi again.

Some of the students ask, “Got notes arrr?”

I got lar a few variations of Basic Photography slide shows and such but a bit wary about printing out notes that no one seems care to keep { this is from my past experience teaching fotografi <—- ( haa tengok, tertaip bahasa melayu plak)  and lighting workshops } , so okay loor now finally got an impetus to kickstart this lighting blog again. And so, to my UA3 students at Institut Gerontologi, welcome to my blog, in addition to the lessons in the classe, I gonna share some tips and tricks about photography using both the DSLR AND smartphone and maybe some cheat sheet or an infographic or two,  see how-lah. Remember, we gonna have fun learning photography, as such, I wontch assign you no homeworks, but more outings we gonna have-lah *winks*

P.S. Oh, if you followed my old blog you might noticed then and now my English is still as atrocious as ever, hey, #TedAdnanBilang… belasah ajer, Kita #OrangMalaysia semua musti BOLEH!

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